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  • Most things Prodlytic can do
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  • Everything Prodlytic can do
  • 50,000 sessions
  • 5 products
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  • Everything Prodlytic can do
  • Lots of sessions
  • Lots of Products
  • Unlimited data history
  • More team members
  • Excel/CSV export
  • Email support
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Prodlytic useful for?

You can understand how people use your product without needing help from a developer when you have a simple question like “Once people are logged in to my product, do they go where I think they go?”

What happens if I exceed my session limit?

We’ll let you know once you’ve hit 75% of your sessions for the month, so you’ll never be caught unawares. Once you do reach your limit we’ll ask you to upgrade to an appropriate plan. You’ll need to do this before you can collect more data for that month.

What’s a Product?

A Product is anything that you want to see user behaviour for. Blogs, websites, and web apps all count as Products in Prodlytic. Simply add the Collector to your website or app and start collecting every piece of data.

What’s a session?

A session is a single period of activity from a single user. A session can include multiple pageviews and events. Sessions end on the web after 30 minutes of activity. Prodlytic likes to keep things clear and simple so we'll never talk about "data points".

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