You don’t always know what will matter tomorrow. That’s why Prodlytic automatically tracks everything your customers do from the moment you add the tracking code to your app. When you release new versions of your app Prodlytic simply tracks new interactions. You’ll never need to add new tracking code.

Every click, page view, and form completion is tracked and stored, ready to help you make the right decisions.

Visual event recorder

You add new events with the visual event recorder. Prodlytic opens your app in a new tab and you perform the actions that make up your event. Simply click around and Prodlytic logs each action you take.

New events are added in minutes rather than days or weeks, releasing you from the tyranny of dev cycles and tracking code. You’re free to make faster, better, more informed decisions.

Retroactive analysis

Auto-track means Prodlytic provides retroactive analysis. New events instantly display data because Prodlytic pulls relevant data from moment the tracking code was added to your app - from the first ever tracked session to the most recent.

This lets you effectively ‘go back in time’ to analyze something that may not have been relevant months ago.

“Now that I have access to historical data I’m gaining valuable user insights I didn’t even know I wanted.”

Ria Blagburn Grow Beyond: a digital marketing consultancy

Slack and email updates

Give yourself the constant data context you need to make the best product decisions possible with automated updates. Three clicks from Prodlytic’s dashboard has Slack or email updates scheduled to suit you.

We don’t want you to visit Prodlytic just to get new data. We want you to have it when you need it most.

Recreate your app

Recreate your app experience in Prodlytic. Follow customers along their journeys and see which aspects of your app they like - and don’t like. Instead of obscure, messy events you’ll have a clear overview of the core aspects of your app that mean the most to people.

Fix leaky user journeys and reduce user friction, shortening your feedback loop and helping you build a better product in less time.

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