Collect and store everything

Everything is valuable to Prodlytic. With a single snippet of JavaScript it automatically collects and stores everything your users do. Retroactive analysis gives you the power to go back in time and explore and analyze every event or pageview from the moment you installed Prodlytic for instant insights.

No more data holes or frustrating missed opportunities passing you by - just a deep user understanding and truly data-informed product development.

Visually record events

Prodlytic’s visual recorder lets you create Features and Funnels as if you’re actually using your product. Hit record and Prodlytic opens up your product interface ready for you to start recording. Click through the series of events you want to track and Prodlytic tracks them all in your dashboard. No extra code needed.

Instead of asking developers to set up new events with tracking code you can take matters into your own hands. You save precious time and gain instant data for product iteration.

Let information come to you with automated insights

Dashboards, visualizations, and automated email and Slack updates mean analytics insights come to you. Schedule updates at times that suit you - be that daily, weekly, or monthly - and Prodlytic will provide you the data context you need to build a fantastic product.

“Now that I have access to historical data I’m gaining valuable user insights I didn’t even know I wanted.”

Ria Blagburn Grow Beyond: a digital marketing consultancy

Recreate the features of your product

Record sets of pageviews and events to recreate the individual features that make up your product. Instead of obscure, messy events you get a clear overview of the core aspects of your product and how people interact with them.

But don’t feel limited to recreating actual product features. Features allow you to be creative with your analytics. You might spin up a Feature to quickly (in)validate ideas or test hunches.

See how users move through your product with Funnels

Follow users along their journeys by recording Funnels. Get an overarching vision of your marketing funnels or zoom into specific aspects of your product. Understand what people get stuck with, where they drop off, and what they don’t like.

You’ll be able to fix leaky user journeys and reduce user friction, shortening your feedback loop and helping you build a better product in less time.

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