An actionable data science framework for product analytics

Data science principles can be appled to product management in a simple, effective way that drives user insight.

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Vanity metrics are the enemy

You'll be surprised at how useless stock metrics can be. Are you using the right indicators of success?

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The data-driven philosophy of product management and design isn’t healthy. It induces data FOMO.

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Set out to prove yourself wrong

No one can predict the future, yet that doesn’t stop us from insisting on trying to prove our hunches. What’s infinitely more useful is trying to disprove our hunches.

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Finding your customers' jobs to be done

Consistently improving your product so it delivers a superior experience is hard. To effectively do this you need to deeply understand the problem your product solves for users.

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How should you determine product success?

When it comes to measuring product success there are five rules you can follow.

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