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Track everything

With a single line of code Prodlytic collects and stores everything your users do. Retroactive analysis gives you the power to go back in time and analyze data from the moment you installed Prodlytic. You’ll never miss out on insights again.

Visually record events

Create events and funnels as if you’re actually using your product. Just hit record in your dashboard and Prodlytic opens up your product interface ready for you to start recording. No more asking developers for help.

Insights come to you

Beautiful dashboards and automated email and Slack updates mean insights come directly to you. Schedule updates and Prodlytic gives you the data-informed context you need to build a product.

Features make a product

Record sets of pageviews and events that represent the individual features that make up your product. Understand what your users like the most (or least) about your product or quickly validate new features.

Stop leaks with Funnels

Follow users along their journeys by recording Funnels. Fix leaky user journeys and reduce friction by seeing what confuses people, where they drop off, and what makes them convert.

Analyze by behavior

Group users into behavioral cohorts based on how they’ve used your product - be it the Features they’ve used, the Funnels they’ve moved through, or any other criteria you might want to organize users by.

“Now that I have access to historical data I’m gaining valuable user insights I didn’t even know I wanted.”

Ria Blagburn Grow Beyond: a digital marketing consultancy

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