Use data to build products people tell their friends about

Never miss data again

Your product and priorities are constantly changing. Prodlytic records every user interaction from the moment of implementation. And with retroactive analysis, you’ll never miss opportunities again.

Visually add events, no code

No spaghetti JavaScript everywhere, just a single snippet of code. When you want to add events tag them directly in your product with Prodlytic's visual tag manager.

Automated insights

Beautiful dashboards and automated email and Slack reporting mean insights come directly to you on your own schedule. Set up your metrics and we'll do the rest.

Individual features

Mark sets of actions and events to create the individual features that make up your product. Quickly track and validate new features and implement tweaks to your tracking without huge code overhauls.

Funnels and context

Follow your users along their journey with Funnels. See what causes them pain, where they drop off, and what they love about your product. Give your data context and understand how new features fit into the long-term vision of your product.

Behavioural cohorts

Group your users based on how they've used your product - be it by the Features they've used, the Funnels they've moved through, or any other custom groupings of your choice.

“Now that I have access to historical data I’m gaining valuable user insights I didn’t even know I wanted.”

Ria Blagburn Grow Beyond: a digital marketing consultancy

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