Instantly understand your customers

Track everything automatically

Auto-track everything your customers do by default. Add our lightweight tracking code once and that’s it. Even new releases are auto-tracked. No need for extra code ever.

Add events by clicking not coding

Perform the actions that make up an event by clicking around your app. The visual event recorder logs each action you take. It’s time to forget all that custom event code.

Data ready when you are

Auto-track means instant retroactive analysis. Each time you create an event, data from the moment Prodlytic was placed in your app up to the last tracked interaction is displayed.

Constant data context

Arm yourself with the information and context you need to make the right product decisions. Three-click scheduling for Slack and email means updates slot right in with existing tools.

Recreate your app

Recreate your app in Prodlytic. Follow users along the journeys they take and the aspects of your app they use so you can see exactly what’s going on.

Learn customer behaviour

Organize data by how customers use your app. Group them by location, device, the funnels or features used, or any behaviour you want to filter by.

“Now that I have access to historical data I’m gaining valuable user insights I didn’t even know I wanted.”

Ria Blagburn Grow Beyond: a digital marketing consultancy

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