Prodlytic collects every user interaction with your product. But what does that actually mean?

The exact data Prodlytic logs in its database from user behavior in your product is:

This collected data will always be private and secure:

What’s this actually look like in Prodlytic?

Let’s say your product has a button with the text ‘View dashboard’. Prodlytic would collect something like the following:

clicking a button

‘Pattern’ means the HTML inputs/elements corresponding to the button and ‘Contains text’ means the text located inside that button.

Let’s look at the data Prodlytic collects when a user signs in, where the user has entered a name and email address into a form and hit ‘Sign in’.

The action for filling out the sign in form:

filling a form out

As you can see, Prodlytic doesn’t collect sensitive data such as name or email address from form submissions. It simply collects the fact that a form has been completed. Here’s the action for hitting the “Sign in” button:

cilcking a form button

Unlike the text of the form submission, the text of HTML elements that are clicked are always collected.

Something to be mindful of: sensitive information as text on HTML elements

If your product has a link or button with text like “View’s profile” or “View Ben’s profile” then, due to how Prodlytic works, Prodlytic would collect this potentially-private user information.

Prodlytic would never share this information with anyone or use it for any other purpose than providing analytics data to you. But if your product does have any text HTML elements such as this you need to be aware that Prodlytic will collect that information as part of its normal operation.


You can prevent Prodlytic from collecting clicks on any element by adding the CSS class “prodlytic_ignore” to it.

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