A "Feature" is a set of page views and events that you group together as a single entity. They represent user interactions with a specific part of your app or website, essentially allowing you to 'recreate' the main features of your app or website. For example, 'created a gallery', 'searched the directory', or 'uploaded a video'.


Video walkthrough

A short video showing the Feature creation process.


Step-by-step instructions

From your Prodlytic dashboard choose the Product you want to create a Feature for and hit "Add Feature"

Name your Feature, give it a short description, and save it.

Record the actions that make up your Feature by hitting “Record Feature actions” - Prodlytic will open a new tab with your product in it.

Perform actions as if you were a customer using your product. Just click around and then close the tab. The video really helps to demonstrate this:

You'll end up with a list of the the pageviews and clicks you performed. Review them, edit if necessary, and click save. It'll look something like this:

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