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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Prodlytic useful for?

Collecting event-level data is annoying, tedious and time consuming with many analytics tools. You need to define events upfront before you can start collecting data on them. Prodlytic does away with this and instead tracks everything (page views, clicks, form actions) as standard. We then display the top-level data for your website.

This means you can add the Prodlytic tracking code to your website or web app and never need to do anything else. Yet you’ll always have complete web tracking.

What's a session?

A session is a single period of activity from a single user. A session can include multiple pageviews and events. Sessions end after 24 hours.

When you hit your monthly session limit you won’t be able to track or export any more data until the next month, or until you upgrade.

Can Prodlytic work with other types of products?

We offer custom configuration for enterprise customers. The pipeline that powers Prodlytic can be used to track events of any type in a robust, highly-scalable solution.

From set-top boxes, car telemetry systems through to IoT devices - Prodlytic can capture, process and store events in a cost-effective way, without your team having to build out the tools themselves.

How does the ‘raw event data’ export work?

Prodlytic gives you access to your raw analytics event data. An event is a single action taken on your website or in your web app. For example, a tap, click, pageview, or form submission. We talk about events because it gives you more control over the data you track and export using Prodlytic.

To access this raw data Prodlytic provides extensive continuous export options. This means you can set up daily exports of your Prodlytic data to services such as Amazon S3, RedShift, and Google BigQuery. And because Prodlytic tracks everything you can run some extremely complex and insightful analysis on this data, unlocking things about your web app you would never have known.

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