Take control of your web analytics data

Track everything automatically

Auto-track everything your customers do by default. Add our lightweight tracking code once to your website or app and that’s it. No need for extra code ever, even if you want to instrument new events.

Instant insight

Prodlytic displays a high-level overview of clicks, page views, and form actions so you can instantly understand how people are using your website or web app and make informed business decisions.

Take control of your data

The data Prodlytic collects is yours. Take control of it with continuous export to the storage and analysis technologies you’re familiar with. Export raw prodlytic data to Amazon S3, Google BigQuery, and more.

"Prodlytic has changed how we see our web analytics. We use it to collect all the interactions in our web app, export it to S3, and run our own analysis on it using Tableau. It used to be such a pain to instrument events and export data but Prodlytic has made it so easy for us to see what’s going on in our product."

Tracy Lead Product Developer

GDPR compliant

Prodlytic can help you with GDPR compliance out of the box: none of the data Prodlytic tracks can be linked back to individuals. So you don’t need to worry about falling foul of the EU courts, while offering your end users the utmost privacy. Just add the tracking code, nothing more needed.

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