Five ways you unlock more value when you export your analytics data

Jul 08, 2018

Keeping your data locked in a third party platform will cost you future competitiveness. Continuous export of raw data is the answer.

Data is the new oil. It’s what’s fuelling the companies steaming ahead of their competitors today. It’s what’ll enable companies to dominate markets tomorrow. Platforms that collect, store, and display data know this. And they want you to only access your data through their platforms, while taking their cut of course.

Relying on someone else to store and display your data costs you unncessary money, throttles your control over your data, and leaves you in the wake of competitors who are taking ownership of their data and taking strides to market domination.

It’s true Prodlytic provides a dashboard with visualizations that help you analyze your data. But we also provide continuous export to S3. See our pricing page.!

How Prodlytic exports raw analytics data

Prodlytic is fantastic at collecting everything that happens in your web app, technology that’s difficult for even seasoned data people to build. But we want you to use that data to get the most product and business value as possible. And you can only do that by exporting the data Prodlytic collects.

Not convinced? Here’s five ways you’ll unlock more value when you export your analytics data.

1. Integrate web analytics data with other sources

Prodlytic makes integrating your web analytics data with other data sets easy with our integrated continuous S3 export. What might you be able to do with unified data?

  • You get a wider view of your company data rather than siloed, non-contextual data which helps youmake more informed product and business decisions
  • You could unify customer data from your CRM with web analytics and answer: How does behaviour of my customer segments vary?

2. Slice and dice your data

Analytics platforms often limit the combinations of dimensions/metrics that you can analyse by.

You often won’t be able to slice and dice by:

  1. Number of unique visitors by product page
  2. Different sources of traffic by product page (and change over time)
  3. Engagement levels (e.g. number of visits, number of page views, conversion rates)
  4. Improvements to conversion rates over time

Prodlytic on the other hand provides access to the raw data. When you export using our continuous S3 export it’s possible to use visualization tools like Tableau or PowerBI.

3. Use machine learning tools on your web analytics data

Machine learning has created exciting new opportunities to answer questions that wouldn’t have been possible to answer before. But it requires vast quantities of unstructured data. Raw analytics data is perfect for this and can help you:

  1. Create product/content recommendation engines based on web behavior. For example, users who uses this feature also used this feature
  2. Segment audiences by behavior for more advanced product creation / marketing

4. Answer hard business questions

Business questions are hard to answer because it requires a bunch of

Business questions are hard to answer because they require a bunch of context. Unified web analytics data can help you answer important decisions like:

  1. Which channels should I spend my marketing budget on?
  2. How sensitive are my customers to price? What price should I sell this product for?
  3. Who are my most valuable customers? How can I spot them early?
  4. What are the events in a customer’s lifetime that drive loyalty? What are the things we can do to encourage them?
  5. What are the moments in a customer’s lifetime where something going wrong destroys customer loyalty?
  6. Where should we prioritize improvements?

5. Take ownership of your data and future

Allowing your analytics data to languish in a platform severely harms your chances of success in the future. Prodlytic’s continuous S3 Export makes sure you get the best data and take it into your own hands, unlocking almost limitless potential for future growth.

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