The Prodlytic beta is over!

May 16, 2018

After a few intense months of talking to beta users, designing, and shipping code Prodlytic has graduated from beta! 🎉 A massive thanks to all those who took the time to get to know Prodlytic, report bugs and shortcomings, and share your ideas with us.

Anyone with a web app, mobile responsive product, or eCommerce site can now use Prodlytic to instantly understand how people interact with their software and the context behind those actions. When you want the raw data for deeper analysis there are extensive export options available, including to Amazon S3 and Google BigQuery.

After months of refining, here’s how Prodlytic can help you answer the hard questions.

Simplicity: auto-track

At the core of Prodlytic is still the simplicity of auto-track. You set up Prodlytic by adding a single snippet of tracking code to your app. Prodlytic then tracks and stores every pageview, click, and form submission.

Prodlytic's collector code

Automatic insights: Pages and Clicks

As soon as Prodlytic has data for your web app it’ll show up in the dashboard. Pageviews and clicks from across your app will be automatically displayed in the Pages and Clicks tab. You can sort by descending, ascending, or alphabetical order. There’s also a search function for full or partial matches of any text terms.

The Pages and Clicks interface in Prodlytic

The Pages and Clicks tabs are unique to Prodlytic. They haven’t always existed. They’re the outcome of user testing and our promise of providing context behind the numbers.

With the Pages and Clicks tabs you get instant insight into your app. Normally-annoying questions like “which part of my app do people use the most?” or “on this page - which controls do users simply ignore” become easy to answer just by looking at your Prodlytic dashboard.

Pages and Clicks are also linked: you can view clicks for a specific page directly from the Pages tab, providing seamless context.

Pages to Clicks in Prodytic

Continuous export

Having all this data is great and you can get deep into the motivations of your users with the Prodlytic dashboard. But you’ll have other data about your app, its users, and your business. And you’ll probably want to unify them all using the technology you’re comfortable with.

That’s great - we want you to use and take control of the data that Prodlytic collects! That’s why we offer the option to export the raw clicks and events data. In fact, export options are designed around making it as simple as possible for you to do this so you can get the most value out of your data.

Once exported you can use Amazon Athena or something similar to run your own queries on the data. This type of integration is ideal for using other in-house tools you may have like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or Snowplow - letting you unify data from Prodlytic with your CRM or ERP systems.

You can export in the following ways:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Continuous export (daily export of raw data) to Amazon S3
  • Coming soon: Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift
Continuous export

With these export choices you can create an analytics pipeline that helps you answer the hard questions about your software and your business.

GDPR compliance

GDPR is on everyone’s minds right now. But it’s been on ours for some time. We take a few key steps to reduce your exposure to personally identifiable information (PII) while still giving you insight and metrics into how every customer uses your app.

  • We don’t collect IP address (classed as PII under GDPR)
  • We don’t collect email addresses - these are redacted in the Prodlytic dashboard if one was detected
  • We give you custom CSS classes to add to sensitive UI elements to prevent collection of, for example, street addresses or personal names
  • We give you a statement to include in your site privacy policy informing users of our collection methods and the above measures
  • We respect the browser ‘do not track’ setting if clients have set this

This anonymises users in Prodlytic. You’re now free to analyse data and answer detailed questions about your customer’s experience! Right down to every click on every page, including tracking specific features and building conversion funnels.

Take control of your web analytics

Prodlytic has always been focused on helping its users find the real information hidden in their data from the word go. After months of work our beta testers helped us find the right combination to do that.

Auto-track, sorting and linking pageviews and clicks so they provide insight and context without any extra effort from you, and extensive export options to the tech of your choice means Prodlytic really can provide the answers to your product questions.

Contact us to get started with Prodlytic. And we’ll help you get up and running so you can start answering those questions of yours.

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