What is Prodlytic?

May 03, 2018

Prodlytic is scalable behavioral web analytics that auto-tracks user behaviour. Unlike many other analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Prodlytic tracks everything that happens in your web app with only a single snippet of JavaScript. Clicks, page views, form submissions: everything is tracked as soon as you add the code to your app. It’s fast and simple to start tracking what your users do. You’ll never need to create stand alone events or add individual event tracking code to your app. Just add a one-time piece of code.

Prodlytic tracks everything while maintaining GDPR-compliancy. We give you the tools to ensure no PII (personally identifiable information) makes its way into Prodlytic. You learn huge amounts about your users and still remain compliant with EU data privacy laws.

Once data is rolling in, Prodlytic stores it all. Depending on your plan, Prodlytic stores data from 30-days up to forever. Regardless of plan, Prodlytic displays the most-trafficked or most-clicked areas of your web app in a mixture of tables and charts.

Clicks and pages as viewed in Prodlytic

These tables and charts provide you with instant insight into the health of your product. You can see the most popular uses of your app as well as the least popular. All by simply adding the code to your app, waiting a little while for data to collect, and checking out the Prodlytic dashboard.

Because of Prodlytic’s record-everything-from-day-one design all the data you see is retroactive. Data displayed in your dashboard is from the second the tracking code was added right up to now. Prodlytic even displays things that weren’t in your app when you first added the code simply because it tracks every single thing that happens. We really meant it when we said you’d never need to add more tracking code. Over time you’ll build up a vast library of historical data that will help you make more informed decisions about the future of your app.

A chart as seen in Prodlytic

Prodlytic’s dashboard is great for a high-level overview and can tell you the nitty gritty details of user behaviour. With many analytics products: it ends there - the data is trapped inside the tool…

That’s where Prodlytic’s continuous export feature comes in. Again, depending on your current plan, you can export between 5,000 rows and unlimited rows of raw user behaviour data that Prodlytic has collected. This raw data has the clicks, page views, and form submissions in the form of DOM patterns. This enables you to do extremely deep analyses on your user behaviour data, unearthing information about how people use your app you would never even have thought of.

We want you to have this data. And we want you to use this data with the tools you’re familiar with, like Amazon S3 and Google BigQuery. You can set Prodlytic to export to either of these on a daily schedule.

Export your data from Prodlytic

Then you can use Amazon Athena or something similar to run your own queries on the data. This type of integration is ideal for using other in-house tools you may have like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or Snowplow - letting you blend data from Prodlytic with your CRM or ERP systems.

Many analytics tools want to keep you in their platform or make it hard to access the raw data they collect. Prodlytic is different. We’ve focused on building a web analytics collection tool that tracks every single user interaction and seamlessly slots into your analytics pipeline. We do the hard bit, collecting useful user data and handling the scale, so you can use your own domain knowledge and expertise to find out the things you need to know. At the end of the day we want you to have more information about why people do the things they do in your app so you can deliver a better experience and meet business targets.

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